I offer a range of hair removal services - legs, underarms, chest, back, bikini line, facial waxing, brows and more.  I use both hot wax and strip wax depending on which is more suitable for the area to be treated.  Strip wax uses a cotton strip pressed onto the warm wax and pulled off quickly, to remove the hair.  Hot wax doesn't require any strip to be applied, as the wax encapsulates the hair and shrinks around it as it cools.  Once set, the wax can be removed, taking the hair with it.  


Hair removal treatments can be carried out on all clients, with the exception of intimate waxing.
Top Lip or Chin wax...  £ 8.00 


Brow wax... £10.00

Nostril wax...  £ 8.00

Leg wax...  ½ leg / ¾ leg /full leg   £18.00 / £23.00 / £30.00 
Bikini wax... £15.00


Brazillian/Hollywood Intimate wax… £30.00 

Arms: Forearm / Full arm… £15.00 / £20.00
Underarm wax…  £15.00 

Back wax...  £30.00

Photo of a selection of hot wax beads in glass jars