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As we age, our skin goes through dramatic changes - these changes start to occur as young as 30! Collagen and elastin production decreases, the cell turnover rate slows down and signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and dull, lacklustre appearance ensue.  I am proud to bring you a range of treatments that combat and, with early intervention, delay these signs of ageing ~ Looking Lovely Skincare Solutions.  Scientifically proven treatments, designed to increase collagen production and rejuvenate even the dullest of complexions.  Using my knowledge and experience in dealing specifically with signs of ageing to bring prescriptive, effective anti ageing treaments to you at the Looking Lovely Salon. 

Radio Frequency

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Skin Resurfacing


Microneedling Collagen Induction

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Dermalux Phototherapy

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Skin Tag & Blemish Removal

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