The SkinBase IPL system is a medically CE Certified system that has been independently tested and verified by one of the country's leading experts on IPL.

The system features a unique cryo cooling handset making the treatment completely painless and has a large handset 'spot size' for quicker, more effective treatments.

Throughout the summer we are offering you a comprehensive 20 minute hair reduction consultation including patch test for an introductory price of £12.50 (normally £25.00) If you go on to have a course of treatment this amount will be completely reimbursed against your treatment fees

Permanent Hair Reduction: 

IPL uses a handpiece to transmit the light energy into the appropriate chromophore, depending on the type of treatment required. In the case of permanent hair reduction, the target chromophore is the hair itself, or more particularly the melanin within the hair. 

Hair has 3 stages of growth and needs to be in the anagen stage to successfully be treated. This means that each session can successfully target up to 33% of hair in the area. This is why multiple treatments are necessary to permanently reduce the hair in the area.

A successful course of treatments will reduce the hair by between 75% and 90% in any one area, and any remaining hairs are likely to be finer and less noticeable.   

We would expect treatment to take between 6 to 10 sessions, but as everyone is different, some people may need more and some will get great results in fewer treatments.  

Medical Treatments:

Thread Veins, Sun Damage, Hyper Pigmenation and Acne Treatments

To find out more about the medical treatments available with IPL click here

Medical Treatment Prices: 

Full Face Rejuvenation £135

Back of Hands Rejuvenation £95

Single Area Vascular (ie thread veins) £55

Cheeks Vascular (thread veins/rosacea)  £95

Full Face Acne £152

Half face Acne £95

Face & Neck Rejuvenation £190

Decolletage Rejuvenation £185

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Prices:

  • Between Brows £25

  • Forehead £50

  • Sides of face £50

  • Full Face £100

  • Cheeks £50

  • Upper Lip £40

  • Upper Lip & Chin £60

  • Chin £45

  • Full neck £90

  • Back of neck £65

  • Front of neck £65

  • Shoulders £105

  • Upper Back £115

  • Lower Back £115

  • Full Back £185

  • Decolletage £100

  • Chest £115

  • Chest and Abdomen £185

  • Nipples £55

  • Abdomen £115

  • Stomach Line £55

  • Bikini from £70 to £125 - poa

  • Buttocks £145

  • Full Back and Shoulders £210

  • Shoulders and Upper Back £175

  • Upper Legs exc knee £150

  • Lower Legs inc knee £150

  • Full legs £250

  • Feet  £60

  • Toes only £50

  • Feet and Toes £70

  • Half arms £105

  • Full arms £150

  • Underarms £70

  • Hands £55

  • Fingers £55

  • Hands and Fingers £70

  • Full legs and bikini £300

  • Upper legs and bikini £185