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iCon Ultralift non-surgical face lift treatments

I am really pleased to be able to bring the fantastic Ultralift treatments to all my clients!  The facial treatments offer a 'gym for your skin', using the highest powered waveforms in the industry, stimulating facial muscles to improve the tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whilst still providing the benefits of the traditional Non Surgical Face Lift, the System delivers a revolutionary treatment which is already creating a huge impact within the beauty industry.....

Ultralift Facial Treatments 

The best results are achieved by once or twice a week treatments for the first 6-10 treatments, followed

by a once-a-month treatment, to maintain results.

Icon lift …. 75 minute Luxurious facial to eliminate toxins & restore muscle tone.

Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £70 / £400 / £630

Refine and lift …. Skin resurfacing and gentle face lift.  Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £45 / £255 / £405


Eye and brow lift ….Transforms tired looking eyes, eye bags and soften expression lines

Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £30 / £170 / £270

Desincrustation  (Rebalancing - great for acne)….Clarify and rebalance congested skin tones, ideal for teenage or problematic skin

Course of 1 or 10 treatments: £40 / £360


Iontophoresis (Nourishing) …. Rehydrate and nourish mature skin. Course of 1 or 10 treatments: £40 / £360