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iCon Ultralift non-surgical face lift treatments

I am really pleased to be able to bring the fantastic Ultralift treatments to all my clients!  The facial treatments offer a 'gym for your skin', using the highest powered waveforms in the industry, stimulating facial muscles to improve the tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whilst still providing the benefits of the traditional Non Surgical Face Lift, the System delivers a revolutionary treatment which is already creating a huge impact within the beauty industry.....

Ultralift Facial Treatments 

The best results are achieved by once or twice a week treatments for the first 6-10 treatments, followed

by a once-a-month treatment, to maintain results. All treatments will be carried out with products from the Eve Taylor professional range, to enhance the great results!

Ultralift ….10 minute miracle facelift – for those occasions when time is tight, but you still need to look your best!

Course of 1 / 10 treatments: £18 / £153

Icon lift …. 75 minute Luxurious facial to eliminate toxins & restore muscle tone Includes Mesotherapy products as part of the treatment.

Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £60 / £320 / £495

Refine and lift …. Skin resurfacing and gentle face lift.  Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £36 / £195 / £295


Eye and brow lift ….Transforms tired looking eyes, eye bags and softens expressional lines

Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £24 / £130 / £200


Sleek Cheeks …. Defines, tightens and sculpts cheekbones, jowls and jawline Course of 1 / 6 / 10 treatments: £24 / £130 / £200

Desincrustation  (Rebalancing)….Clarify and rebalance congested skin tones, ideal for teenage skin

Course of 1 or 10 treatments: £36 / £295


Iontophoresis (Nourishing) …. Rehydrate and nourish mature skin. Course of 1 or 10 treatments: £36 / £295

Ultra Lips …. Line reduction and lip plump to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Course of 1 or 10 treatments: £18 / £153

Meso lift products (add-on treatment)    £5.00 No needle injectables. Totally non-invasive and natural results Includes: Peptide expression line and wrinkle reducer, collagen stimulation and plumper, skin firming, cellular metabolism booster, skin brightener, skin whitener (reduces dark patches, hyper-pigmentation).

NO NEEDLE MesoTherapy techniques used in conjunction with iCon Ultralift™ enables the Transdermal delivery of clinically graded products deep into the dermal tissue, breaking down the cellular wall and infusing into the molecular holes in the cell membrane. Highly effective, and totally non invasive technique with natural results.


Transdermal Meso Therapy available from Looking Lovely includes wrinkle and expression peptide treatments, skin rejuvenation, face lift and filler treatments, skin radiance and dark circle treatments.


Meso Lift - a NO NEEDLE alternative to Botox® and other injectables – keeping the beauty trade within the beauty trade.

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