Massage Treatments



Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage . . £30.00
Using one of our fragrant oils/massage candles for a 30 minute tension releasing and relaxing massage to suit your needs. 

Full Body Massage - 60 Minutes ….. £50.00
Massage using massage medium to suit client’s skin. With lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, tension release and relaxation to provide a full body experience.

Hot Stones Back Massage.. £35.00
A back, neck and shoulder massage, using the additional heat from the Basalt stones to really penetrate deep into muscular tissue and provide the ultimate relaxation!



Looking Lovely Seaford Massage.jpg

Looking Lovely offers a range of massage treatments designed to relax, relieve tension and muscular aches, aide lymphatic drainage and improve the appearance of cellulite.   Massage is available for both male and female clients. Various massage mediums are used - oils, massage candles and massage creams to suit the client's skin.