Gel Manicures


Gel Polish is the 'must have' in manicures.  Cured under either a UV or LED light depending on brand, these polishes have the durability to last for much longer than a regular polish.  Great for those nights out, special occasions or even just as everyday wear gel polishes are versatile and hardwearing. 


Gel II™ LA Palm Products


Gel II™ is fused with Calcium that make nails stronger and healthier. These nutrients are able to directly enhance the nails because the

Gel II™ system does not contain any harmful base coats or solvents. The gel polish stays on for weeks, protecting nails from everyday wear and tear while allowing them to grow beautifully.


Gel II™ has also created a range of Reactions Colours - beautiful vibrant gel colours which are temperature activated depending on how hot or cold to the touch the nails are. A great talking point and a little bit of individuality for everyone! 


I have several  Gel II™  Reactions Polishes to choose from!



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