Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy/Skin Needling Treatment 

Fusion Skin Needling Fractional Mesotherapy

Facial:  Prescriptive Treatment Standard

9 needle cartridge use only for generalised work, such as skin tightening, jowls, large pore refining. Includes Mesotherapy products:

£125.00 /  course of 3 £325.00


Prescriptive Treatment  Gold

Includes both single needle and 9 needle cartridge work for detailed line work, with Mesotherapy products included:  £150.00 / course of 3 £380.00


Prescriptive Treatment Target

This covers other body areas, such as: Hands - Upper arms  - Backs of thighs - Front of thighs or stomach.

Any of these areas £125.00 per area / course of 3: £325.00


Stretch marks £125.00 - £150.00 per treatment depending on how much work is required.


Décolleté  £150.00 / course of 3: £380.00

In more detail:

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy combines two concepts, the first being advance collagen stimulation therapy and the second, the introduction of traditional pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions.


Collagen stimulation or Collagen Induction Therapy as it is also known, has long been a popular and effective treatment. In recent years advancements have progressed from a hand held device to an electronic device that offers not only superior results but an increase in comfort for the individual receiving the treatment.

Skin Needling and Ultralift Facial treatments really do compliment each other - enquire at the Looking Lovely Seaord salon to find out about putting together a rejuvenation plan to optimize the effects of your treatment!

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