Calla-Coll™ is made up of collagen and hyaluronic acid – both of which are naturally found in the body.  By taking Calla-Coll™ you are increasing the body’s supply of these substances. This means that there is no question of it working, it can’t not work.

 As we know, our collagen levels begin to decline as early as our twenties. Collagen promotes skin thickness and elasticity, but when we reach our mid-twenties, it begins to deplete by one per cent each year. However, by the time us ladies enter menopause, the ovaries begin to stop producing the collagen-boosting hormone estrogen, which causes collagen levels to decrease dramatically.  In fact, our skin can lose 30 per cent of its collagen in the first five years during the menopause, making it thin and sag.


If you want to enhance skin health and reduce wrinkles, taking a supplement that consists of type I collagen or type III collagen is crucial since our skin is made of more than 90% of these two collagen variants.  Calla-Coll™ provides you with BOTH.

Proteins in types I and III collagen include glycine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline.

Glycine – the amino acid found at the highest levels in collagen, requires more serine than our bodies can naturally produce. Studies suggest the need for glycine supplementation to achieve ideal metabolic processes.

Proline – a non-essential amino acid synthesized from glycine and important in function of joints and tendons.

Hydroxyproline – amino acid that plays an essential role in the stability of collagen III

Alanine – amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins

Collagen and Diabetes.

If diabetics only take 1 supplement, it should be collagen.  Collagen helps in regulating blood sugars and promoting wellbeing. Diabetics lose collagen even faster than non-diabetics as a result of high blood sugar and glycation, in which sugar molecules attach to collagen throughout the body and inhibit its functions. The results of glycation can cause problems throughout the whole body, including faster aging, stiffening of tissues, slower healing rates and higher chance of soft tissue injuries. 

There are many clinical trials that document the benefits of taking a GOOD collagen supplement – I have already added some of these to my Facebook page for you to read through.

To see an appreciable difference, it ideally needs to be taken for 8 weeks, although you may begin to notice benefits earlier than this timeframe.  1 bottle of Calla-Coll™ lasts 20 days – that’s £2.25 a day, which I am sure you will agree can easily be spent on chocolate, cake, wine, coffee-house drinks…. so why not spend it on something that will benefit your body and increase your wellbeing? 

It doesn’t even have to be used long term if you don’t want to – a 3 month Calla-Coll™ boost post-op or illness, before a big event (I may have mentioned once or twice that I am getting married next year!) or to kick start a new fitness regime, could be enough to make you feel your best or aide in your recovery.  Obviously, if you love what you are seeing and feeling, you might decide to continue!


As I said at the beginning, if I could afford to give away Calla-Coll™ to all of you I would, as it has so many benefits.  I can think of so many of my lovely clients (friends and family too) who have various issues that would benefit from taking Calla-Coll™.  However….. what I can do is give you my time and some wonderful pampering! 

Well I do hope that I have helped to allay any skepticism you may have, and that you will join me on my Calla-Coll™ journey!

Looking Lovely Salon now stocks Calla-Coll™ - Your Skin Needs This


I am so excited by the new collagen supplement Calla-Coll™  There are so many benefits from taking it that if I could, I would give it away to all of you! Unfortunately, that won’t pay my bills!


I had a really good chat with the maker of Calla-Coll™ today, Lynne Baker.  Lynne is a Registered General Nurse and a well-respected and leading authority in the beauty industry.


I know some of you may be skeptical about taking a supplement or product that makes claims of better skin, joint mobility and reduction in arthritic pain. At £45 a bottle, maybe some of you are a little cautious: “Will it really work to make my skin look better?” “How can it possibly help with my arthritic pain?” but years of research, medical background, knowledge and science have gone into making Calla-Coll™ the incredible product it is.

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